A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

More stuff about Furry Fiesta

I felt fine the whole con, then caught con crud late on Sunday. Now my throat is sore, ugh.

Just like last year, there were various spates of making people lose The Game. Every time I heard someone yell "I just lost the game" or "You just lost the game", all I could think to myself was:

"Thank god I'm only watching the game. Controlling it."

Also, shockwave77598 and I are interested in bringing puppetry to FF next year. That, and the announcement of next year's theme as the '70s, makes me think it would be fun to reenact this ad with puppets:

BTW, advertising works! That Jeep commercial inspired me to spend money.

...on an mp3 of the song at Amazon.com.

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