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I decided to wash my car today, and get the egg off my windshield!

I have this theory that car washing is best done by a sexy vixen in skimpy clothing. You know, bending over the car, lavishly scrubbing it, suggestively wielding the hose... like in those teenage sex comedies, only with fur and a long fluffy tail. So I morphed into a sexy vixen, put on skimpy clothes, and got the car cleaner and sponge I bought yesterday, and a towel, and the bucket from the garage, and went out.

Getting the egg off took a lot of scrubbing; egg white is very sticky, and this stuff had been on there at least a day, drying in the sun. You can imagine how bad it smelt when I got it wet.

As I stood there, scrubbing my car, this guy came down the street walking his dogs, and he said, "When you're done with that, I got one down the street you could wash next!" I said, "You gonna pay me?" He laughed and kept walking.

Then I came back inside, drenched with sweat! I took a shower; but first I morphed back into a turtle so I wouldn't have to clean all that fur.

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