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What manner of physical labor are you designed for, Work Unit #64723?

While waiting in line at the post office today, this rawboned elderly guy tried to strike up a conversation with me.

"What kinda work do you do?"

I told him I was between jobs.

"What kinda work are you suited for?"

Umm... what, suddenly I'm a heifer being sized up for market?

"Concrete worker? Bricklayer?"

The hell? Do I actually resemble a concrete worker, or does this guy just guess that first with everybody?

"Office work?"

Closer, but erf... I told him, "I don't like to talk about work."

"Well, you better," he told me.

Sure, whatever, gramps. What I really meant was, I don't like to talk to people who can't think of anything to talk about besides work.

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