A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,


I loved and hated this movie. The animation was so good I forgot I was watching animation. The worldbuilding pulled me right in... which explains the "hated" part.

Basically... this movie is saying: "Gee, aren't war and imperialism terrible? Look, we'll show you, graphically and violently. Here's a beautiful indigenous culture of tall blue arboreal catpeople who are literally in tune with nature. Now here come the bulldozers and gunships to blast its very core, the gigantic Home Tree, to smithereens! Look at all the blue people you've come to side with, running away terrified and crying out in anguish! Remember 9/11? Kinda like that, except the terrorists are Marines. Now don't you want to see that musclebound macho leatherneck jarhead asshole in charge of the operation get shot up with arrows? Oh, he will, but not before more interminable scenes of him drinking coffee while ordering his goons to tear up more bits of the sentient-world-tree countryside."

I think I'll go see Princess & Frog again tomorrow. Much more my speed.

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