A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

FurAffinity still down, so HERE'S new art

Turns out FA itself is fine; just that it has no connection to the outside world because their ISP is down. I don't know why; could be a cable cut, could be a DDoS attack from some subhuman moron. ETA Saturday Dec. 5: Turns out it was a cable cut, and the company that owns the cable didn't have replacement parts and had to order them. FA found this unacceptable and has begun the process of moving to a new colo. They should be up Monday night.

In the meantime, I got new art I wanna show off! Where I'm gonna put it if I can't get to FA? Oh wait a minute, I could put it on my own website, couldn't I? So that's what I did. I uploaded a bunch of art even though there's no HTML written for it yet.

First, I want to call attention to my two newest drawings:

KT and friends dressed for winter
Is Teleia wearing slippers?

Those and more can be found here:

Also there's PORN! that you may not have seen yet, here:
(Careful! Don't click that link if you're at work or are easily offended!)

(Although if you're easily offended, what are you doing here?) :}

ETA 2 am Monday Dec. 7: HTML for all of cartoons/a/ complete!

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