A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Finally a road trip post!

Day 1: Drove from Houston to Denton, TX. Weather was good... until I got to Dallas, where the sky turned ugly and then opened up on me. I was able to handle it... but some other idiot wasn't, getting me stuck in a traffic jam for half an hour. Phoo. Spent the night in a La Quinta.

I saw a billboard on the road:
The map is in my book
- God

So Dinosaur Comics was right! God can't punctuate!

Day 2: Drove through Oklahoma. Much colder. Also some rain. I took I-35 to Oklahoma City, then got on I-44, which consists of two turnpikes with Tulsa in between. I got to the Holiday Inn in Joplin, Missouri, where I first struggled with the luggage cart, took a wrong turn, had to struggle a lot more than I would otherwise, got pissed, and then got more pissed when the internet failed to work. I was able to connect to the wi-fi network, but the signal-bar icon popup said "Limited or no connectivity". I should have called the front desk first; instead, I tried fiddling with my settings, then calling iBahn tech support (and either I got cut off or they need to get some hold music). Then I saw it was getting late and gave up.

Day 3: Drove across Missouri to Springfield, Illinois. Missouri was cold, foggy, wet and miserable (though I was warm, dry and happy in my car with my winter coat and my music!) Kept seeing a billboard: Nothing's too hard for God (except using punctuation).

Then I crossed the river into Illinois where the sun went down, the trucks got aggressive, and it warmed up a bit (though still rather cold and windy). Reached Springfield, checked into a Holiday Inn Express, and finally made a Livejournal post!

Tomorrow: Driving to Chicago. Shouldn't take too long.

Thursday: Hanging around in Chicago. Think I'll see "Pirate Radio", arrr.

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