A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Oh, so NO FMF for MFF then

So I was planning to see "The Fantastic Mr. Fox" on Thursday before MFF, but apparently it's only playing in a few coastal-town theaters right now, and it won't open nationwide until Nov. 25? Furriest movie to come along in a long time, and nobody can see it until after the con?

This does not help the Fun. This is Doing It Wrong. I'm sure the distributors of the film don't know about MFF... but if they did, they couldn't have chosen a better way to say "Screw you, MFF!"

Fine then. Maybe I'll see some other movie. I've been wanting to see "Pirate Radio".

EDIT: wbwolf explains that The FMF has suddenly had to be pushed back to a Thanksgiving weekend release so that nobody mistakenly thinks that Mr. Fox stares at goats or visits any fifty-something-th planets. Thanks for the info, Wilford.

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