A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Diary update!

KT's Rainfurrest 2009 Diary

New diary:
KT's Rainfurrest 2009 Diary!

Nine pages:
Title page
Page 1: Flew to Seattle while meeting Devilduk, watching Kiki's (De)Livery Service, and standing in line at the car counter.
Page 2: Shopped at Archie McPhee before going to the hotel. Met 2 and Tallyhawk. Visited the hilly 7-11.
Page 3: Offered some furs a ride to Denny's and Subafeway.
Page 4: Opening Ceremonies. Awesome atrium! Zombies. GOH dinner and roast. 2's show.
Page 5: Talk Like a Pirate Day. Variety Show rehearsal. Fursuit Parade led by Alexander J. Adams. Jon showed up!
Page 6: Alexander J. Adams's show. Variety Show. Sunday: Lunch at Ivar's. Underwater billboards!
Page 7: Ice cream social. Dinner at 13 Coins. Beatles: Rock Band with Jon.
Page 8: Sunday: Harmonies tripped me up. Monday: Flew home watching Toy Story and eating at a Subway.

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