A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Loma Prieta

Several people on my friendslist are posting memories of the Loma Prieta earthquake, which happened 20 years ago. So I'll do the same:

I saw it on the news. I remember seeing pictures of collapsed freeways and buildings.

Didn't feel it, of course. Here in Houston, TX, I have never been in an earthquake, nor felt shockwaves from earthquakes anywhere else. The only thing remotely like that that I've ever felt was when a chemical plant outside town somewhere exploded. The windows made a "thud" noise, as if a large basketball had been thrown against the side of the house.

Oh, then there was the time lightning struck a tree in our yard. I was at home reading, and suddenly there was this deafening *BANG* from outside. When I went out later after the storm, I saw that one tree was missing a thin strip of bark from a high branch all the way down to the ground, and there were strips of bark lying around. That tree died and had to be removed.

Other strange things happen around here occasionally. One time there was smoke in the sky from some forest fires in Mexico. Then it rained dirty rain, and everyone's cars got dirty. I had to take mine to the car wash.

Then there was *&^%$#@!ing Hurricane Ike.

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