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Let's see how far this survey will travel!

Survey copied from vakkotaur, with minor modifications which I hope he doesn't mind.

A few seconds of using a conveyance or being at the controls counts.

Dry Land:

Tricycle? I forget if I had a real one, but I had a Big Wheel once.
Bicycle? My dad has one, and once he tried teaching me to ride it, but that went nowhere.
...built for more than one? No
Unicycle? No
Skates (old fashioned)? Yes, there used to be a roller rink out in Bellaire that Mom took me to every Saturday. It's now a restaurant supply store.
Skates (in-line)? No

Pogo-stick? I used to have one, but never learned to ride it.
Moving walkway? Yes, in various airports. I love them!
Escalator? Yes
Elevator? Yes
...that wasn't automatic? Yes, at an old hotel once when I was a kid at a NOW conference my mom went to. There was this other kid there, and we drove the elevator operator crazy by repeatedly having races where one kid would take the elevator and the other kid would run down the stairs.
Wheelchair? No

Used crutches? No
Used a cane (not just as a prop)? No
Driven a three-wheeler ATV? No
Driven a four-wheeler ATV? No
Driven a minibike? No

Motorcycle? No
...drive? No
Driven a car? Yes. I have a four-door aquamarine Chevy Cavalier.
...with manual transmission? No, never learned.
Driven a truck (any, small pickups count)? Yes, my mom taught me to drive in her minivan.
...with manual transmission? No

Driven a larger truck (moving van, semi) Yes, I drove a U-Haul full of nakko and his belongings from Houston TX to San Diego CA when he moved there.
Driven a bus (beside a VW Microbus)? No
Tractor (small - lawn)? No
Tractor (large - farm)? No
Tractor with other machinery attached? No

Locomotive? Yes, my parents and I rode a train from Switzerland to Zagreb back in 1981 (when Yugoslavia still existed), and in 1996 I rode Amtrak to NYC and back.
...steam-powered? Yes, I went with my dad on a train tour somewhere in New Mexico once.
...oil-fired? don't know
...diesel-electric? don't know (the Amtrak train probably was)
All-electric locomotive? (trolley, subway, etc.)? Yes. I've ridden subways in London, New York, Boston and Washington DC.
Been at the controls of any while underway? No

Been in a squad car? No
...lights and siren going? ---
...and you were driving? ---
Been in an ambulance? Yes
...while injured? Sort of... I was in pain from a kidneystone.
...with lights & siren going? Yes.
...and you were driving? No.

Cat/bulldozer? No
Other construction machinery? No
Tank? You're welcome. I mean, no.
Other military vehicle (beyond truck, jeep)? No

Snow & Ice:

Ice skate? No
Snow shoe? No
Ski (cross country)? Yes, my uncle Dave in Minneapolis took me and his daughters cross-country skiing once. I fell down a lot and ended up with a wet butt.
Ski (downhill)? No
Saucer sled? No
Non-saucer, non-steerable sled or toboggan? Yes, I borrowed a friend's sled in Switzerland and used it a few times.

Steerable sled (Flexible flier, etc.)? No
Dog-sled? No
Sleigh? No
Snowmobile? No
Been on a sled or such pulled by snowmobile? No
Snowplow (not a truck with a plow)? No


Been on animal powered conveyance? No
Drive it yourself? No
Ridden an animal (relatives don't count)? No
...with the animal not hand led or connected to something? ---
Ridden an animal not normally considered a riding animal? No
...what was it? ---


Swam? Yes, all the time when I was a kid; at the pool at Mom's office building, a few times at a municipal indoor pool in Switzerland (where I got an eye infection, aieee) and many times at Waterworld (the waterpark next to Astroworld, not the Kevin Costner movie.)
Really, or did you just dog-paddle? I just dog-paddled. Never learned to swim for real.
S.C.U.B.A. dive? No
Deep sea dive? No
Raft? Does the Whitewater ride at Astroworld count?
Surfed? No
Bodysurfed? Yes, at the wave pool at Waterworld.

Rowed a boat? No
Sailed (wind propulsion)? No
Water-ski? No
Jet-ski? No
Boat with outboard motor? No
...control it yourself? ---

Boat with inboard motor? No
...control it yourself? No
Peddle-powered watercraft? No
Been on a sightseeing boat? Yes, on a river in Switzerland, and at the San Antonio Riverwalk.
Been on a ferry boat? Yes, across Galveston Bay and the Straits of Georgia and Juan de Fuca.
Been on a houseboat? No
...overnight? ---
Ocean-going (or Great Lakes) ship? No

Submarine? My parents and I took a tour of a docked submarine once. I got to look through the periscope! But since it was after dark, I couldn't see much.
Diving bell/bathysphere? No


Ridden a glider? No
...fly it yourself? No
Ultralight/microlight? No
Open cockpit, single engine plane? No
...fly it (at all)? ---

Any single engine prop. plane? No
...fly it (at all)? ---
Twin engine prop. plane? Yes, that's what Delta uses between Houston and Dallas/Ft. Worth.
...fly it (at all)? No
Jet? Yes, all over the place.
...fly it (at all)? No
Jet, not commercial? No
...fly it (at all)? ---

Fly any of the above from takeoff to landing? No
Hot air balloon? No
Helium balloon? No
Blimp? No
Helicopter? No

Parachute? No
Gyro? No
Been launched or assisted by catapult/steam? No (unless you count the Barnstormer ride at Astroworld, where I was strapped into a harness, dangled from a cable, winched up a few hundred feet, and then let go to swing freely. Exhilarating!)
Anything rocket propelled or assisted? No


Hovercraft? No
...over water? ---
Cable car/gondola? Yes, up to the top of Grouse Mountain in Vancouver, BC.
Ever been 'telepresent' (remote manipulation)? No
...that was more than flipping bits over the net? ---

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