A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,


Saw "9" today. Wasn't bad, coulda been better. The ending was a bit thin. Impressive mechanical designs, though!

The thing about the ending is, it's not really different from that of the short on which the movie was based. 9 releases the spirits of the characters who've been killed, they smile approvingly, and vanish... and that's it, that's the end, roll credits. I was hoping for a bit more. It was nice seeing the backstory with the scientist creating the various machines, though.

Also, I noticed something which seems to be an inconsistency, unless I'm misinterpreting something. 9 comes to life for the first time in the scientist's workshop, goes out and meets 2, gets attacked by the beast, then gets taken to the abandoned cathedral where 1 is the self-styled ruler. 1 shows him a torn calendar page being used as a roster of members of their group, with the numbers of those who have disappeared crossed out.

The thing is, the roster goes from 1 to 9. But they've just met 9 for the first time; how did they know he existed?

Oh, and for some reason the movie was listed on the marquee with an underscore character: 9_

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