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A song about Ponyo

The song at the end of "Ponyo" is cute but kinda cloying (of course, it's less so in the original Japanese, or at least it seems that way since I can't understand it), and I thought it would be fun to write my own song about Ponyo. So here it is:

Oh, you found me in the ocean
You took me up on land
You held me in a bucket
I wanna eat your ham
Don't want no bread or jam
I wanna eat your ham

And then I grew some legs
And then a pair of hands
And I sprouted teeth
With which to eat your ham
Don't want no quail or lamb
I wanna eat your ham

And when you broke the jar your finger got cut
I knew I could be human when I
Licked the blood, licked the blood, licked the blood

And now the tide is rising
The moon is close at hand
You've got to say you love me
So I can eat your ham
I don't think I'd like Spam
I wanna eat your ham

And when I make your toy boat big as a log
For just a moment I'm a fishy-chicken-frog, chicken-frog, chicken-frog

A giant jellyfish is
Letting the seniors stand
And run and breathe in water
I wanna eat your ham
If mom convinces dad
He'll let me eat your ham

I wanna eat your ha-a-a-a-a-a-am.

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