A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

An embrickassment of riches

So, moving my bed into the back room (which used to be Dad's bedroom) has freed up space which I can now use to build stuff with Legos again. My Lego collection has basically gone untouched for about, what, hoo boy, like ten years, just because of having too much other stuff and not enough space to put it!

The thing is, I've continued buying Lego sets in all that time, to build up my collection. Which means I now have a huge backlog of unsorted pieces. My collection is so large it would be unusable if it weren't sorted. I've got tubs of bricks and buckets of plates sorted by size and color, buckets of sorted slopes, Technic pieces, tiles, modified parts, wheels, people, animals, doors, windows, etc.

And I checked earlier today, to see how many containers of unsorted pieces I have. Six tubs and five buckets! This is gonna take forever. :} And one of the buckets has a temporary label on it saying "HI, I'M FRED" as part of an ongoing plate-sorting operation. Don't worry, it makes sense in context. :}

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