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How I spent Furry Day

I bought pants and washed my car!

...Which doesn't really have anything to do with furries, but then neither did Furry Day in its original form (the name was apparently a corruption of Latin feria meaning festival).

Now my right hand is TIRED, to the point that I can't hold up a glass of water or it will start shaking! I went to O'Banion's car wash, which is one of those places where they provide a hose with a big nozzle on it, and you wash the car yourself. The trigger on the nozzle is what wore my hand out! Next time I need to squeeze it with my left hand.

So anyway, now I have a clean car and pants, and to inject some actual furry content in this post, I think I'll mention again that I'm going to Rocket City Furmeet in Huntsville, Alabama in two weeks! I plan to drive there. Anybody in Houston wanna come along? (I know, I should've started asking sooner...)

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