A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

The Block Island Meteorite

Now this here's the story about the Block Island Meteorite
The Block Island Meteorite she fell down on the Martian surface
And she landed in a place called the Meridiani Planum
And the Opportunity rover, she's rollin' across the Meridiani Planum
And she come up to the meteorite
And she photographs the rock and X-rays it and pokes at it
And she does chemical analysis of it
And just now she beams data back to Earth
And when the scientists at NASA look at the data
The rover, she transmits to the scientist:
It's got nickel, it's got iron
It's a meteorite, it's a meteorite
It's a meteorite
The scientist say, all right
Lemme just put this photograph up on the APOD feed
And then KT sees the photograph on the APOD website
And he figures he's gotta filk about it
Even though some of the lines have way too many syllables
But he don't care, he just filks it anyway
Because he thinks the rock is awesome
And he shouts out onto the internet:
It's awesome, it's awesome
It's got nickel and iron
It's got nickel and iron

Well the Block Island Meteorite is a mighty fine rock
Oh the Block Island Meteorite is the rock to see
The Block Island Meteorite is a mighty good rock
Well if you want to see it you gotta photograph it like you find it
Get your rover on the Martian surface for the Block Island Meteorite.

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