A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Various things 'n stuff

Looks like it might rain outside. I hope so; we *need* it! It's been so hot and dry I hear there've been wildfires in central Texas. It rained a bit earlier, but not enough.

In other news, I'm gonna go see Rifftrax Live on the 20th! Mike, Kevin and Bill, formerly of MST3K and currently of Rifftrax, will be riffing on "Plan 9 from Outer Space", and it will be broadcast live to select theatres all over the country. I'm going to go see it at the Edwards MARQ*E on I-10.

Then in October, Jen of Cake Wrecks will go on a book-signing tour for her book "Cake Wrecks". She's not coming to Houston, apparently, but she will be in Dallas and Austin. I'ma go to both of those (because there will be cake-decorating contests and I want to see them!)

Speaking of books, Matt Harding of Where the Hell is Matt? also has a book, with anecdotes about his travels around the world, dancing badly in front of bits of it with people from other bits of it. It's a fascinating read. You know the clip near the end of the 2008 video where he's in Alhambra, California in front of an orchestra? They're recording "Praan", the song written for the video. Well, the music was written for the video; the words are based on a Bengali poem called "Gitanjali" that Matt selected from a book of poetry by Rabindranath Tagore.

In other news, I've been having trouble sitting lately. My butt complains of sitting in my computer chair: "Hey guess what! Pain! And go to the bathroom!" So I go to the bathroom but nothing comes out. WTF? Is it hemorrhoids? IBS? Somehow kidneystone-related? Guess I better go see a doctor.

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