A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Man in the mirror?

One bit of silver lining in the whole Michael Jackson thing, that occurred to me last night:

The coverage of his death has been accompanied by photos of Michael from the height of his career instead of the plastic-surgery nightmare he later became. I'd forgotten how much I missed that. I'd certainly rather remember him as he looked during the "Thriller" and "Bad" days, than during the courtroom surgical-mask days.

I would also rather not hear one more "good riddance to the pervert" comment. I'd like to remind everybody: MICHAEL JACKSON WAS NOT A PEDOPHILE. The people who accused him could not produce a shred of evidence, and he was eventually exonerated. But everybody found the charge easy to believe, because he was such a freak. Why else would a grown man invite children for sleepovers, if not to molest them, people thought. How about, because he wanted to relive the childhood he always felt he'd been denied. He didn't want to have sex with kids; he wanted to BE a kid. And what do kids do? They do things like have sleepovers!

So the next time you hear someone call MJ a pedophile, or tell a joke to which the punchline depends on the assumption that he was a pedophile, kick 'em in the butt for me, OK?

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