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Diary update!

KT's Anthrocon 2009 Diary

New diary:
KT's Anthrocon 2009 Diary!

Eleven pages in total:
Title page
Page 1: Banging out the diary. I flew to Pittsburgh with a buncha furries while watching Happy Feet. Taxi to the Westin. Underdog vs. Alien room key.
Page 2: Went to 7-11 for supplies. Golden Palace with Jim Groat. Zoo open already! Elevators not crowded yet.
Page 3: More shopping at Rite-Aid. Lunch at Fernando's. The looooong walk to registration. They printed my art! Underdog vs. Alien con badge.
Page 4: Babs & Bolt. TTA room party. Mad Libs, Jeff Dunham. Claire la Mouf & Tim Kangaroo. Bed-sleepin'.
Page 5: Fluxx. Dealer Den in bigger hall this year. August Henry's.
Page 6: Uncle Kage's Story Hour: Billy Mays, Gunther, first responder, EMG, disturbance at sushi.
Page 7: Supersponsor luncheon. No-Pants picture plus reBUTTal. Masquerade.Fig. 1: Babs does crappy badges for a NICKEL!
Page 8: Fireworks. The Sludge Game. Cardcrusher. Sunday: Furnando's, no shirt. Invasion of the Body Stockings.
Page 9: Art Show bids. V-Cube 6, which popped. Pizza & Futurama. The Zoo closed at 1 a.m. because of stupid and drunk maybe.
Page 10: Spilled soda! Shared a cab. Talked about furry. Stained shirt, bit cheek! Flew with furries. Meet the Robinsons.
Page 11: Baggage Claim remodeling. Delay getting out of Air Park. China Stix. CON CRUD and literal butthurt.

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