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A meme I got from just_the_ash. She gave me an A, so here's 10 things I like that start with A, plus a brief explanation for each one. If you respond to this message, I will give you a letter to do this in your own LJ, not in the comment section with.

"A" by Barenaked Ladies -- This fun BNL song about a dysfunctional relationship from the guy's point of view reads like a Sesame Street parody: "A is for angry, which is what you are at me / A is for adult, which is what Ill never be."

Andy Partridge -- One of the founding members of the band XTC, his songwriting talent is amazing. As far as I'm concerned, he can do no wrong, musically.

Anderson, Laurie -- A singer/performance artist who started out in the '70s and became famous in the '80s, for stage performances that involved weird dances, projected images and words, early use of digital technology, electronically altered voices and clever experimental gizmos such as a suit with synth drum pads sewn into various places, and a violin with a tape playback head on the bridge and a length of recording tape on the bow.

anthropomorphics -- Yup, yup, furries. Animal characters what talk atcha just like them humans. Fun stuff.

alligators -- Alligators are awesome. I don't think I'd like "Really Rosie" as much as I do if it weren't for the fact that one of the kids hanging out on the stoop is, for no particular reason, an anthropomorphic alligator.

art -- I like to draw, though I don't do so nearly as much as I'd like to, which these days is mainly because of my own laziness.

Anthrocon -- I like furry conventions in general. Anthrocon is the one that starts with A. It's also the one I just got back from (with a rather severe case of con crud, ugh...)

Animaniacs -- Tiny Toons was fun. But then Animaniacs came along, played around with the medium of cartoons in hilarious ways and really grabbed my attention! Plus it really got me going on the internet, as I made friends with a bunch of other A! fans (as the show's looong title was abbreviated on alt.tv.animaniacs), first in that newsgroup, then on IRC.

advanced sudoku techniques -- I've been learning a variety of techniques for solving difficult sudoku puzzles. X-wing, XY-wing, XYZ-wing, swordfish, turbot fish, jellyfish, Gordonian rectangles, Franciscan rectangles... I have these and more at my command!

Astroworld -- This theme park, later officially known as Six Flags Astroworld, was my favorite place to go when I was a kid. It was two miles away from my house, which I considered walking distance at the time (now that I have a car, the definition of that phrase has shrunk considerably!) It had all sorts of fun roller coasters, such as the Dexter Freebish Electric Roller Ride (later named "Excalibur" when the County Fair section of the park was remodeled as Nottingham Village), the Texas Cyclone, and the Greezed Lightnin'. Next door to Astroworld was Waterworld, which was a great way to beat the Houston summer heat, with water slides, a wave pool, and other stuff. Sadly, they've both shut down and been completely dismantled in recent years.

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