A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Anthrocon good, post-AC not so much

Anthrocon itself was fun!

All five of the drawings I submitted for the conbook got printed! (I have posted them on FurAffinity here, here, here, here and here.) I hung out with Babs and Squirrelly and Nefaria and Thorne and HKU and Pepe K and Pyro and Lounx and even Claire a bit. There was pizza, Kage's Story Hour, sandwiches at Furnando's (Fernando's temporarily changed their name), the Masquerade, Chinese food, a puppet show called "Invasion of the Body Stockings", con sketches, cartoons, the supersponsor luncheon featuring GOHs the Underdog guy, the Foster's Home guy and the Yin Yang Yo guy, and lots of other fun stuff.

Also, the Dealer's Den, Artist Alley and Art Show were in Hall B this year instead of Hall C. Hall B is bigger and has a snack bar at the back! (Also I found out that the convention center also has a Hall D and a Hall E, which are at street level and even smaller than Hall C. That's how big Anthrocon is; they didn't have to start in Hall D or E when they moved to Pittsburgh!)

Then yesterday, I traveled home, and the crap started.

At lunch in the Brown Bag Deli, I spilled half my soda. At least it didn't ruin my sandwich or my rice pudding. At the airport, I dropped a french fry and got ketchup on my brand new AC 2009 T-shirt. At least I had a Tide On-the-go fresh stain remover pen. Then I accidentally bit the hell outta the inside of my cheek THREE TIMES, drawing blood.

But all that is as nothing compared to what happened at home. Remember before the con when I was complaining about some discomfort issues down south? They went away during the con, and I was feeling good. But then, last night, after only a few hours sitting at my computer, they came back full force. By the time I logged off for the night, I was in severe pain in my back and butt. It wasn't an infection (which means I get to stop taking the Cipro), it wasn't a kidneystone; it was that damn CHAIR. (I wonder if I've got hemorrhoids or something.) I need to get rid of it and put that new one in its place, but then I also need to do something about that desk; the sliding keyboard shelf is way too low. I guess I need a new desk. (I'm posting this on Mom's computer.)

Long story short, my troubles started right after Anthrocon. Clearly, the con should not have ended.

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