A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Stuff in the paper this morning

Good cartoon from David Horsey (which I can't easily find on his website; it may be a rerun):

Two guys sitting at a cafe counter. One says, "We gotta get government off our backs!" The other says, "Amen, brother! I'm fed up with universities and public schools and national parks and pure drinking water and health services and cops and firemen and highways and food safety standards and the Army, Navy and Air Force and all the rest! Give me my hard-earned tax dollars to spend as I see fit!"

The waitress is looking on, and she says to a woman dining at the counter, "You gotta give him points for actually knowing what government does."

Then there's something odd in Ellen Goodman's column. She's talking about the protests in Iran being the first major historical event to be covered using Twitter. And she quotes a tweet from a user named Mousavil388*: "One Person(equal sign)One Broadcaster."

That's odd. Can't you just type an equal sign, Ellen Goodman? I wonder if she types her columns on an old typewriter. We have an old Smith-Corona with no equal sign key. If I wanted to type =, I'd fake it by typing -(backspace)_. (Actually, it occurs to me now I could have made a better-looking equal sign by typing a hyphen, backspacing, pressing the shift key in slightly and typing another hyphen.)

*Or possibly Mousavi1388, with a one instead of an L. It's hard to tell.

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