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Jun. 24th, 2009

08:07 pm - Prickly teleprompter

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Date:June 26th, 2009 03:11 am (UTC)
This has been going on for a year, when they were claiming that everyone who didn't plan to vote for Obama was being decried as "racist"... by... somebody. Supposedly "everybody."

It reminds me of this kids' book I read a long time ago, called "Some Friend". For some reason I'm thinking it featured Sesame Street characters. I forget which ones, so I'll just call them Rod and Nicky. Rod's on his way to Nicky's place to ask to borrow this hat of his. He starts off thinking about how good a friend Nicky is and how he'll totally be willing to loan him the hat. "But... what if he doesn't?" he thinks. This train of thought continues rolling downhill until he's believing Nicky won't let him have the hat and will be angry at him for wanting it. "Some friend!" he scoffs. He gets to the door, rings the doorbell, and when Nicky opens it he just shouts "YOU CAN KEEP YOUR STUPID HAT!" and storms off.

That almost seems to be what's happening here. Republicans have latched on to their own paranoia, or perhaps the paranoia the party's higher-ups have been feeding them so much that they've forgotten what's real and what's just their own crazed imaginations.

I saw a tiny bit of this during the Bush years (people speculating that anyone caught posting anti-Bush sentiment on the Interwebs may one day face imprisonment), but this was all from crazy ranters on message boards and junk, not serious political commentators or even bloggers. And, to be even fairer, if any President in history seemed poised to do something so insane, it was Bush.
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