A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Diary update!

I know I haven't yet finished the MFF 2008 diary, but here's the start of...

KT's Morphicon 2009 Diary

New diary:
KT's Morphicon 2009 Diary!

Five pages so far:
Page 1: Drove from Houston to Hammond. Needed washer fluid and spoons.
Page 2-1: Drove up through Mississippi. Stolen monument! Obamedy.
Page 2-2: Dinner in Southaven. Holiday Inn Express in Memphis. Wi-fi no workie?
Page 3: Drove to Louisville. Found Mountain Dew Throwback!
Page 4: To the Bat Factory! But first to the mall. What mall? Pizza. Bat. Wi-fi workie!

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