A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Just what Houston needs, another dome...

On Monday, there was a show on the Discovery Channel called "Mega Engineering", and it was about how a giant geodesic dome might someday be built over Houston, protecting it from hurricanes and other nasty weather.

Well... actually it was about building a 1-mile-diameter dome over *downtown* Houston, leaving the other 600 square miles of the city exposed to the elements. And it sounds to me like a dumb idea. I still remember when Hurricane Rita was about to hit Houston, and all the streets out of town were clogged with people trying to drive to other cities. They were clogged for hours, even a whole day, if I recall.

Well, imagine a dome built over downtown Houston. Now imagine another hurricane coming. Now imagine the streets heading downtown getting clogged up with cars, as everybody tries to rush downtown, overcrowding the place, overloading the services, and then millions of other people getting stuck outside the huge dome. Explain to me how this is *better*?

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