A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Home from Morphicon!

I didn't log on last night because I was tiiired. I made it from Memphis to Hammond with no problems (except for a couple of health issues: For the last few days, I've been afflicted by twinges in my penis that sort of feel like I have to go to the bathroom even when I don't. Phantom potty emergencies, I've been calling them. It's either a kidneystone stuck in my bladder, or an infection. I shall have to see a doctor on Monday. Also, the joint of my left big toe occasionally becomes painful. I hope that isn't something serious). Today I drove from Hammond home here to Houston. Whew!

Stuff I saw or did:
-Passed that obelisk north of Jackson, MS again. According to roadsideamerica.com, it's a cellphone tower.
-Stopped in Rayne, LA, to see the frog murals on the interstate. Got rained on in Rayne.
-Went to Burger King in Rayne for some fries, and I guess I got there at the right time. The only employee I could see served me my fries, but I guess he was too busy to open a register 'cause he let me have the fries for free. Yay!

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