A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Brief Morphicon summary thing

Morphicon was fun!

THURSDAY: Llamaburgers! (Which explains my earlier post saying "Holy crap, llama!"

FRIDAY: Gave a guy a ride to the Social Security office, not that it did any good. I was introduced to Fluxx v4.0 (which I later bought)! Drew graffiti on a (sadly upside-down) fake wall. Had a minor kidneystone attack (not so much excruciating pain, but enough discomfort to make me retire early. Not fun.)

SATURDAY: Fursuit Parade in front of upside-down graffiti wall. Skyline chili! Cake decorating contest without icing tips is tricky. I made a cake wreck that said "It a Rek!" Shortest Are You A Werewolf game I've ever played! Also ice-creamiest, thanks to the host saying "chicken a la mode" instead of "chicken a la king". Atomic Spectacle of Doom was short and followed by improv, sushi-eating, and streaking for money (which went to the ferret rescue people)!

SUNDAY: White Castle. SonicBlu's Time Machine Show, which was ultramastascio! Atomic Battle of Doom, Nerf weapons only. As a joke I wandered into the room with my genuine Louisville Slugger. Later that night, I learned the hard way that Fluxx is less fun when playing with tired people.

MONDAY: Got Julia's oil changed. Saw "Star Trek". Fun! Cupcake. Sandwiches. Parachutes. Drill. Red matter. 17. Karl Urban IS young McCoy. "Are you out of your fulkin' mind?"

Tomorrow I start heading back home, getting as far as Louisville.

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