A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Memphis to Louisville


Left Memphis, drove east on I-40. Got stuck in three separate traffic jams with three different causes in and around Nashville. North of Nashville on I-65, I stopped to use the restroom at Sad Sam's, a gas station/souvenir store that sells fireworks. I didn't get any fireworks, but I did get a few souvenirs: a Nothing Box (two solid wooden blocks hinged together) that says on the top, "For the woman who has nothing to wear..." and inside, "Here's a box to put it in." There was a drawing on top of a naked woman hiding behind a towel, so I took a pen and turned her into Teleia, and then crossed out "woman" and wrote "vixen". I also got a "Tennessee Money Clip", which is just a clothespin, because I needed something to close a bag of Cheetos with.

Further north, in Munfordville, Kentucky, I found Mountain Dew Throwback, which is made with sugar instead of corn syrup! So I bought some and threw it back in my car. Then I set my watch ahead an hour because I was about to cross the Eastern time zone boundary. What with all the Nashville traffic and the time change, I lost enough time that the sun set as I entered Louisville, where I checked into a Super 8.


Went downtown. First I wanted to have lunch, and my map showed a mall several blocks away from where I parked. I walked aaaaall the way that way, but didn't find a mall. My map is a few years old; I guess the mall is gone. So I walked aaaaall the way back and went to the second restaurant I spotted: Luigi's Pizzeria.

Then I went to the Louisville Wooden Hitting Object Museum & Factory. Took the factory tour again and got two free pegs out of the peg bucket. (When the wooden billets are lathed down into a baseball shape, wooden peg shapes are cut into the ends for mechanical handling purposes. After the bats are sanded, the pegs are cut off.) Visitors are entitled to one peg each, but I found two that were stuck together (they have wax on the ends) and the tour guide said I could have them. In the gift shop, I ordered a custom bat for the hell of it. I don't care about baseball, but I love bats. I also bought a baseball golf ball (I love the silliness of it), a cup-and-ball game where the ball is on a string and you have to catch it in the cup (I think I'm getting the hang of it), and a pencil (because I forgot to bring a pencil from home to do my Sudoku puzzles with).

I was going to go to the Louisville Science Center next, but I was too tired by that point, so I went back to the Super 8.

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