A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Online, sorta

Well, I remembered I had an ethernet cable in my laptop bag and gave it a try. Now I'm online, but the connection is sloooow for some reason.

Sunday: Drove across Louisiana and spent the night in Hammond (just north of Lake Pontchartrain). The day was hot and sunny, and the drive was uneventful.

Monday (today): Drove up through Mississippi on I-55. I've been through Mississippi once before, but not on that highway. Just north of Jackson, I saw the Washington Monument! They STOLE it! Also, they apparently shrank it down. Or maybe they just stole the top 1/4 of it.

At one point, I stopped somewhere to use the restroom, and I got an ice cream bar, and while I stood in line waiting to pay, a big-screen plasma TV over the counter showed President Obama on CNN joking about the "First 100 Days" hoopla. He was saying stuff like, "During the next 100 days, we will build a library dedicated to the first 100 days." I couldn't hear much else, because it was noisy in the place.

Aaanyway, tomorrow I drive to Louisville and spend two nights there before continuing on to Columbus.

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