A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Memphis, Tennesee

233K 1:14
“This is KT, and I'm in Memphis, Tennesee!

Yesterday I drove from Houston to Hammond, Louisiana, and today I drove up through Mississippi to Memphis, here. Tomorrow, I'm driving to Louisville. The day after that, Wednesday, I'm staying in Louisville for a little sight-seeing. On Thursday I drive up to Columbus for Morphicon.

I did not try to get on the internet last night because I got a late start and by the time I reached Hammond I was tired and just wanted to crash. Today, tonight, just now, I tried to get on the internet and I can't because my laptop's wireless connection isn't working.

I believe the problem is with the laptop, not with the network, because the same thing happened when I tried to connect at home. So, umm, I guess there will be no KT on the internet until and unless I get it fixed... Maybe if somebody at Morphicon could help me fix it, that'd be nice!

Anyway, I'll be on whenever I can - who knows when that'll be.


Transcribed by: pippinbear

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