A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Comment nesting?!

What the hell happened to comment nesting?!

Up until today, when I looked at a comment thread on a LJ post, each comment would be indented a small amount more than the comment it was in reply to. Now, none of them are being indented and it's hard for me to work out what's a reply to what! Is this just a glitch that will be fixed soon, or is it some new setting and I've got to hunt down what page to go to to change it?

EDIT: Switching to S2 has brought back comment nesting. A few people report that they can still see nested comments in S1, but damned if I can figure out how. And since I'm leaving town tomorrow and am busy doing laundry and packing today, switching to S2 will suffice.

Frankly, the fact that I didn't want to switch to S2 is not all that important. I didn't *want* to not want to switch; I only resisted switching for superficial reasons.

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