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Literary mashup, anyone? - The online computery journal thingy of a turtle

May. 1st, 2009

11:56 pm - Literary mashup, anyone?

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Here's an idea I'd like to see, but I lack familiarity with the source material and am lazy, so I want to see people on my friends list riffing comedically on it. Here's the idea:

Mr. Magoo as written by HP Lovecraft.


(Credit for the idea goes to wbwolf.)


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Date:May 2nd, 2009 12:17 pm (UTC)

Just a paragraph from me...

The old man left his house as usual that fateful morning, unaware of the delicate shifts in reality caused by the alignment of the stars. "Time for your walk, Mcbarker old boy!" he gushed to the lump sitting on the corner of the porch. The shoggoth stretched, rose up, and followed at Magoo's heel, gently siphoning away the edges of his soul as they walked down the lane. The neighbors flailed away at monsters visible and invisible as he passed them by, Magoo waved his cane happily in their direction as he toddled along. The convenience store loomed ahead, its lights blacked out by the failure of the power station after fishmen invaded, the junk food infested with small green worms who much prefer living flesh. Magoo brought his jug of milk, which teemed with snakes, and a hot dog, which squirmed from its bun like an inchworm, before the cashier, who was dead but still dreaming of the Old One attached to his back.
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