A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

OMG Demon Denim!!!

Hey guys, better stay off Crotchety Old Man George Will's lawn; he's at it again! His latest column is about scourge of... DENIM.


In this column, he calls denim "the infantile uniform for a juvenilized nation", "an obnoxious misuse of freedom", and a "plague" which is "symptomatic of deep disorders in the national psyche". Wow! And here I thought they were just, y'know, pants. I wondered at first if this column was a reprint from the '50s, but it makes reference to stuff like "Two and a Half Men" and the Indiana Jones movies. Oh, and check out his snide asides directed at grownups who play video games and watch cartoons!

Still, don't worry, George, maybe this whole jeans thing is a trend that won't last, just like that telly-vision contraption or that newfangled ee-lec-tronic calculator. In my day, all we had was an *abacus* and we liked it *fine*!

While reading the column, I kept thinking of an LJ entry that the Gneech wrote one time, stating his own preference for three-piece suits and other fancy duds. But the Gneech didn't make the same mistake George Will is making here; he basically said "I like to dress up, and it would be nice if more people did too," whereas Will is saying "People should stop wearing jeans because it's wrong!"

Screw you, George Will. Oh, sorry, how infantile of me! I meant to say "piffle" or something like that.

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