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Gold tooth & she's so HIIIIIIIGH

I went to the dentist today to have my gold fillings put in. Well, one's a filling; the other's a crown. Now I have a gold-capped tooth! What is it the rappers say? Blink? Yeah. I've got the blink blink! Fortunately no drilling or anesthesia was required; that was all done last time. (Although it was rather painfully achey when he scraped the old cement out of the bare holes, oooog!)

In other news... Wanna see something funny? Go to Fluff & Such Pawpet Productions' page of videos, download the "She's So High" video (available in two sizes, Modem and Cable - pick either one), open it in Quicktime, and instead of clicking Play, hold down the fast-forward button and watch the whole video at 2X speed. When the singer hits that high note, it goes REALLY high!

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