A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Ever seen a caramel dancin'?

Dudu du dudu
Hey yeah yeah yeah

We don't know how to read to a boar I made
I'm on an oat, this Knievel scene
Call me Jen
Dance so must get bored o' me (bored o' me)

Tore up a whale of felt, say oh wah ah ah
A weekend ill of health, taro la la la
You're so mean
See dere, a melody

Oh wah oh wah ah
Dance on me oars
Clapper illo handle
Yours, only yours
Tell Nora: stego downstairs
It's now or light
Lisa into Quonsett
Newt Army held me caramel dancin'

Oo oo oo wah wah
Oo oo oo wah wah oh
Oo oo oo wah wah
Oo oo oo wah wah oh

The Beatles ask at home, never off fresh toss
Dust to comb around live slipper loss
Call me Al
The TARDIS takin' all me yell (oh wow wo-ow)
To look away, I felt sad, oh wah ah ah
O vicar that I helped here oh la la la
You're some bee
See Della Melody

So come on
Dance on the alms
Kappa Eta Hambda
Yours, sell me your ten auras, they go bounce there
List now or lie
V saw into qualm sale
Nuke and me harm me caramel dancin'


Clam sell me alts
Cop'll eat a ham dale
Yours sold me yours
And nor a thing of band stare
Newts now alive
Means they're in the clown stair
Not on me hair me caramel dancin'

Oo oo oo wah wah
Oo oo oo wah wah oh
Oo oo oo wah wah
Oo oo oo wah wah oh

So come on
Don't sell me aunts
Copper in a helm, dear
Your sum, Eeyore
Tin oral stick'll bend, sir
This now a lie:
Meesa into Quantserve
Nude am me hare, me caramel dancin'

Once more again
Mucking up the lyrics
You're probly bored
No more, I hear you beg there
This now last time
This song's almost over
Now here's the end of caramel dancin'

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