A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

Stuff I did today

Sooo... am I the only one who neither uses Twitter nor complains about it?

I saw a guy lose a hubcap today. I was in the left lane, he was ahead of me in the right lane, he hit a pothole, and the hubcap and a thin ring popped off his left front wheel. They spun into my lane, so I slowed down to avoid hitting them and possibly damaging my car. I bet I pissed off the guy behind me, but then I hope he saw the hubcap spin out of my way back into the right lane realized why I slowed down. The hubcap landed in the grass. If the guy who lost it circled around, he could have retrieved it. I wonder if he realized he lost the hubcap when it happened?

I did a bad thing at the bank today. I went there to pay my credit card bill, so I went to the desk and wrote a check. Then I balanced my checkbook using the calculator that was glued to the desk. Then, before I walked away from the desk, I entered 5318008 on the calculator. The way it's glued to the desk, and the way the desk is attached to a wall, I think you'd have a hard time reading it upside-down. I'm sure whoever used it next just hit C and thought nothing of it. But still!

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