A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

More like Ann Troll-ter, amirite?

Lately I've been hearing people put down Ann Coulter by suggesting she's really male. Usually these jokes involve calling attention to her prominent Adam's apple, or casually referring to her as a "female impersonator" or using the pronoun "he".

I don't get it, though. Ann Coulter says hateful things, therefore she's a man? What's the insinuation here? That women can't be obnoxious, or aren't allowed to be outspoken? That must not be it, given all the outspoken women who've been called "bitches" but not "female impersonators". Is it just making fun of her appearance? Meh, you can do better than that. The problem with Ann Coulter is the things she says, not how prominently her throat bobs while saying it.

And the worst part of this kind of humor is, it's offensive to transgender people. Think of it from their point of view: It sounds like saying, "Ann Coulter is obnoxious and hateful, therefore she must be a TG." TGs have enough trouble getting accepted in society; this is not helping.

So, go ahead and insult Ann Coulter if you like. Suggest that she's not really human; maybe she's a robot programmed to spew intellectual garbage. But don't suggest she was born male; that's not cool, guys.

(BTW, doesn't "amirite" sound like a mineral name? I bet it's often found mingled with crystals of a related mineral, inorite.)

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