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T'hhheh... ghrrromvfmaaahng...

There's an arts organization in Houston called Da Camera, which puts on concerts of classical music and jazz. I got an ad in the mail today for their latest program, called The Romantic Spirit. The funny thing about it is the typesetting; they've spelled out the title with flourishes on the letters that make them look like phonetic symbols; it looks like "Tɦɛ Roɱɑŋtiɕ ʂƥıɽit" (except the S is full height and the hook on the p goes the other way, but those don't seem to exist in Lucida Sans Unicode).

Interpreting these letters as International Phonetic Alphabet symbols, they'd be pronounced as follows:

T Not in IPA. Suggest reading as 't'.
ɦ Voiced version of 'h', like an audible sigh.
ɛ Short e as in "bell".
R Small version of capital R exists in IPA, pronounced as a sort of rasp deep in the throat.
o Long o as in "stone".
ɱ Labiodental nasal. Put your upper teeth on your lower lip as if saying 'f' and hum. Something like the 'n' in "information" said with slurred speech.
ɑ Like 'a' in "father".
ŋ Like 'ng' in "sing".
t Like 't' in "stop".
i A long 'e' sound, like 'i' in "machine".
ɕ Palatalized (raised tongue) version of 'sh'. Say "quiche" and try to sound all foreign and fancy.
ʂ Retroflex s. Say 's' with the tip of your tongue curled back towards the roof of your mouth.
ƥ Not in IPA. According to Wikipedia, this is used in some African languages, but I can't find much about how to pronounce it. Possibly an implosive, which means air is sucked into the mouth instead of expelled.
ı Not in IPA, but used in Turkish for a close back unrounded vowel. Hold your tongue as if to say 'oo', but don't purse your lips.
ɽ Retroflex r. Say 'r' as in Spanish "pero" with the tip of your tongue curled back towards the roof of your mouth.
i A long 'e' sound, like 'i' in "machine".
t Like 't' in "stop".

Now... put it all together and try to say this mess! :}

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