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Diary update!

KT's Midwest Furfest 2008 Diary

Here's the latest update of
KT's Midwest Furfest 2008 Diary!

Four new pages have been added:
Page 4-9: Uncle Kage's Story Hour: No urinals in Britain.
Page 4-10: 2 the Ranting Gryphon: Farting, bunny suits, and roofies.
Page 4-11: 2 the Ranting Gryphon: Kinderplatz. Me: Freezing fire alarm.
Page 4-12: Whose Lion Is It Anyway.

The last page looks different because I've decided to try lettering my comics digitally. Hand-lettering them has been making my eyes way tired lately. Tired eyes = no fun = diaries don't get done. So... hope you like the new look, or at least get used to it!

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