A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

There are SPONGES in my car that could catch FIRE!

In the mail today I received a safety recall notice from Toyota. It seems that in my 2007 Yaris, there are seat belt pretensioners for the front seats, which are designed to be pretentious activated in a severe frontal impact and hold the driver and passenger snugly so they don't go flying through the windshield.

The letter goes on to state:
"The involved vehicles contain a Center Pillar Sound Insulator (sponge) located underneath each front seatbelt pretensioner. In the event of seat belt pretensioner deployment, the gas generated may affect the sound insulators. In the worst case, if the sound insulators ignite, this condition will result in a post-collision fire."

Hoo boy! Sponges in my car that could catch fire! Well, fortunately they'll take them out free of charge, although the letter doesn't mention whether they'll replace them with anything, like say, sponges that won't catch fire. Great, my car's gonna be spongeless and noisy, but at least it won't catch fire!

In other nooz, I have DVDs of two movies that sound very similar. One is "Zack & Miri", which I purchased at Target. The other is "Zack & Miri Make a Porno", which I bought at Best Buy. The two covers are identical except of course for the last three words of the title... and also the tagline. On Z&MMaP, it's "What would you do to get out of debt?" On Z&M, it's "This is the last job they can afford to blow."

The discs are also identical except for one set printed with Z&M and the other set printed with Z&MMaP. I haven't watched yet, so I can't say if the content of the discs is any different.

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