A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

FC09, days 8, 9 and 14

Oh wait, it's not exactly parallel if I describe one day of the con and two days of the trip back, is it? Here, let me adjust for that.

FC, day 2 (Friday):
First thing I did was hit the Dealer Den and give some of my sketchbooks to artists. I got sketches from Raine, Kevin J. Dog, Nynaeve and Mitch Beiro, which I'll scan once I get home.

Then I went to lunch in the No-Walls Cafe (formerly the Coffee Garden, now called Sprigs) and found that they'd changed, not for the better. The service was veeeeeery sloooooow. The menu was very limited (there was a special surf-themed menu to go with the con theme, and as far as I could tell, that was the entire menu). I saw a teriyaki burger listed, and asked what was on it. The waitress said lettuce, tomato and onion. Um, and teriyaki sauce, I suppose? OK. So I ordered it. What I got was a burger with the patty completely encased in a thick coating of cheese, topped with a pineapple ring and teriyaki sauce. Not at all what she described. I might have accepted it if not for the massive husk of cheese, so I asked her to take it back and bring me a regular burger (which is what she was describing earlier. Seriously, what the hell, people?)

At some point during the day, I realized I'd lost my blue winter hat. Dammit.

Later in the evening, I went to Artpocalypse, the event that replaced Iron Artist. It was an hour late getting started, but once it did, it was fun stuff! Instead of Seurat the artistic cheetah, there was Gogh the gothy black leopard or cheetah or whatever he was. Black cat with white spots. The event was basically an artistic obstacle course in which the artists had to do things like draw to interpret music (which got changed halfway through), draw a suggested theme (while Gogh turned the canvases upside-down halfway through), and draw in red pencil (while the stage was bathed in red light halfway through).

The next event was "Fur-l in the Blank", a furry version of the old Match Game. Funny stuff, but surprisingly hard to score! The first game was won 1-0. For the second game, I got to be a contestant. I also won 1-0.

FC, day 3 (Saturday):
I decided to crash the Fursuit Parade! I had previously drawn a giant :awesome: smiley in my sketchbook, and I waited with the other fursuiters outside. There was such a huge crowd of suiters that once the parade started, it took several minutes for them to all funnel in through the doors. As a joke entrant, I meant to be at the very back, but some other fursuiters got behind me. Oh well, no one complained. :} I even made it into the huge group photo that Kyreeth took from a crane!

Then I went to see Furmily Feud, where they were asking for volunteers to join teams. I agreed to join a team, and we called ourselves "Second Row", because that's where we had been sitting in the audience. The categories were mostly tied to the surfing theme of the con ("Name a TV show that takes place on a beach.") We won, somehow!

Then it was time to meet up with Nicodemus, who had invited me on a sushi run. There was his wife Kit, their toddler son Timothy, Trey Cat, RubberTexCoon and Uck. We went to a restaurant called Sushi Zen, where I ate lots of sushi, some of it with weird names like Crazy Horse and Eskimo. Yum!

At 9:00 there was the first of two puppet shows. It was hosted by Steve Plunkett & Vixie, and GOH Anita Coulter who had an orangutan named Hilda and a dog puppet whose name I didn't catch, because I was busy backstage setting up my own acts. I'd forgotten to bring any of my puppets from home, so I bought a toucan and a blue whale in the Dealer's Den. I performed along with Sir Crimson Fox and Akeakami, and I introduced FC to the music of the Judy's [sic].

Then Babs and I messed around in the Creator's Lounge till we got tired and went to bed.

The drive back, day 3 (Thursday):
I'd spent so much time on Wednesday catching up after not having internet on Tuesday that I went to bed late, and got a late start today. And then I wasted time looking for food: first I stopped in Casa Grande, where I wanted to go to a Subway in a shopping center. I could *see* the Subway, but the network of parking lots was apparently laid out like a labyrinth, and it took me three tries to actually get to it. Sheesh! Later, when I was in the mood for some fries, I saw a sign for Dairy Queen at an exit, where I had to go a mile out of my way, only to find that this particular Dairy Queen had a limited menu: they had hot dogs, BBQ sandwiches and desserts, but no hamburgers or fries. WTF?!

The rest of the drive was quite uneventful, but because I'd gotten such a late start, I ended up driving the last 2 or 3 hours at night.

Remember Günther's Edelweiss? I was planning to have dinner there this evening as soon as I reached El Paso. I got here around 8:30... where I discovered that Günther's is only open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. D'oh. So I went next door to Denny's for dinner. Then I checked in here at the La Quinta.

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