A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

FC09, days 7, 12 & 13: Day 1 of the con/First two days of the drive back

I've decided to do something a little weird. (OMG, KT's being weird? Nooooooo!) I'm going to post parallel day-by-day accounts of the con and the drive back, during the drive back.

FC, day 1 (Thursday):
Had lunch at In-n-Out Burger, where I ordered a Teleiaburger. That's my name for a double meat (two patties, no cheese) animal style (grilled with mustard & onions). Then I looked around for a place to buy ice and orange juice. I found ice, but no orange juice, at least not the kind I like. (It has to be freshly squeezed. Concentrated orange juice tastes almost literally like poop.) Gave up on buying orange juice and went to the Doubletree to check in.

FC has followed the lead of Anthrocon and MFF in putting custom designs on the room keys. This design has a surfing theme, and since there's no arrow indicating which way to stick the card, the desk clerks were telling people "doggy door down", meaning the end of the card with the dog character on it goes down into the door slot first.

So then I unloaded the car, hung out with furries, got my badge, etc. Eventually it was about time to pick up Babs at the airport. I drove there, found the cell phone waiting area (two extra lanes along the sides of Airport Parkway), parked and waited for Babs to call. After about a quarter hour, she called and I picked her up. Then we went to dinner at Togo's and had sandwiches.

Back at the con, we mingled, we met Raine, whom I gave the Claire badge I'd made for her as an art trade, and we eventually went to bed.

The drive back, day 1 (Tuesday):
I drove from San Jose to Azusa. First I took US-101 to Gilroy, where I had lunch at South Philly Diner (good but rather expensive cheesesteak), then I took 152 through Pacheco Pass. Somehow it's less scary heading east. Then I took I-5 south to L.A. and onto I-210 east.

I was making good time until I was about 20 miles from my exit, at which point it turned 5:00 and I hit rush hour. It took me an hour longer than it would have otherwise, to get to the Super 8 in Azusa! And then, despite my careful research and detailed directions, I took a wrong turn because I couldn't see the street signs in the dark! And then I needed to make a U-turn, but U-turns were forbidden for several blocks! Finally I got to the Super 8, checked in, and went to get some tacos at Del Taco. It took forever for them to make my order, while I stood there and watched them serve car after car after car at the drive-thru window! I was super pissed! And then after eating, I tried to connect using the login the desk clerk gave me. But it didn't work and it just said "Login invalid". I went to complain to the desk clerk. She gave me another login. That one didn't work either. I went to complain again. She suggested I bring my laptop to the office so she could log me in. But by that time I was so upset and tired that I said "forget it" and gave up.

That, along with my inability to find a useful socket to plug in my laptop at the Rodeway Inn on the drive up, is why my previous post was a phone message saying "There Is No Internet In Azusa."

Oh yeah, and then the people in the next room over started having noisy sex. And later that night, I got an upset stomach. Ugh. It was the official Worst Day of the Trip.

The drive back, day 2 (Wednesday):
Much more pleasant and uneventful. I drove from Azusa to Phoenix, checked into a Holiday Inn Express (where I am right now), and had dinner at Denny's.

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