A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

FC: What a commute!

So on Friday I'll be hitting the road, heading for San Jose for Further Confusion. My schedule:

Fri Jan 16 - Drive to Sonora, TX
Sat Jan 17 - Drive to El Paso, TX
Sun Jan 18 - Drive to Tempe, AZ
Mon Jan 19 - Drive to Azusa, CA
Tue Jan 20 - Drive to San Jose, CA
Wed Jan 21 - Bum around town a bit, maybe check out that Winchester House thing, any good?
Thu Jan 22 - Further Confusion!
Fri Jan 23 - More Further Confusion!
Sat Jan 24 - Further still Further Confusion!
Sun Jan 25 - Further Confusion again!
Mon Jan 26 - The tail end of Further Confusion (hah I make furry joke)
Tue Jan 27 - Drive to Azusa, CA
Wed Jan 28 - Drive to Tempe, AZ
Thu Jan 29 - Drive to El Paso, TX
Fri Jan 30 - Drive to Sonora, TX
Sat Jan 31 - Drive home

And according to the numbers, my car is going to be due for an oil change when I reach San Jose. So I thought I'd google for Toyota dealerships and/or service centers in San Jose. And I found Capitol Toyota... which will let me make an appointment online. I wonder if I should! I could make an appointment for Wednesday the 21st.

Thing is, one of the fields is "mileage", but I don't know what my mileage will be when I get there. Well, I can estimate it. The trip will be about 1900 miles according to Google, so I could just add that to my current mileage.

'Course, it's just an oil change, I dunno how necessary it would be to make an appointment.

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