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Q Cards: not worth the trouble

A few months ago, I went to a Quizno's for lunch, and was given a Q Card. It's one of those cards where they stamp it every time you purchase something there, and when it's filled up (usually with ten stamps), you get a discount. A five-dollar discount, in this case.

Well, I had finally filled up my Q Card by making ten $5.00-or-more purchases at various local Quizno's. So I went there again today, ordered a tuna sandwich, and handed the guy my Quizno's card for $5.00 off the sandwich...

But he wouldn't accept it. If I understood him correctly, it's because I got the card at a different location, and it didn't have at least five stamps from this location... or something like that. Well! This was the first I'd heard of such a rule. The clerk who originally gave it to me didn't mention anything about it not being good at just any Quizno's, and neither did the ten clerks who stamped it since then. Also there's nothing on the card about it. There's an ink stamp on the back giving the address of the location the card came from, over a line that says in tiny print "authorized store stamp". Maybe that's legalese for "cannot be used anywhere else", but how am I supposed to know that? I just thought it meant the stamp was an indication that the card wasn't counterfeit, or something. Other than that, I neither read nor was told word one about the card being dependent upon exact location until today!

So anyway, the guy charged me full price for my sandwich, and gave me a new card to use at this location. Perhaps I will try to use the first card at its original location some other day. Might as well; it's filled. But I threw away the new card. These stupid cards are not worth the trouble if the stores are going to pull nonsense like that. They've got expiration dates on them, anyway. I need to use the filled card before some date in June which I forget exactly and can't be bothered to go look up right now.

I still love Quizno's, and I'll still eat there, but I'm not going to play their silly card games.

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