A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

New phone & sketchbook

Mom and I just got back from shopping for new cell phones. I have now completely replaced everything that was in my bag when it was stolen! And they let us keep our numbers, so if you have my cell phone number, it's still good.

Did I say I've completely replaced everything? Well, almost. You know my sketchbook, the Komtrak Inspiral book with the cool translucent green cover? I went to Texas Art Supply yesterday, but they didn't have any with translucent colors. Just black. Well, I already had a bunch of other Inspiral books with black covers at home, and I've been using one of those. But darn it, I missed my green cover! So I found Komtrak's website, and sure enough, they have sketchbooks with tinted covers available. So I called them today. (They don't have an online order form; they've scanned their catalog and uploaded it as a PDF, and you have to call a number or email them. Apparently they think it's still 1996.) And I ordered three sketchbooks with green covers!

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