A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

More shopping


Decided to have a bout of good old-fashioned buyer's remorse, and exchanged the camera. New one: Canon Powershot SX110-IS. According to the box, same optical zoom as the Sony H10 (10x), but takes good ol' SD cards instead of Sony's "Duo" thing. The two were the same price ($249.99), just had to pay the restocking fee (37.50). Haven't opened the box yet.

Bought a hat and some towels. New hat is black and gray, but only one I could find that would fit my head.

Saw "Bolt"! I like how the details of TV production are well enough known that the movie doesn't have to explain them. For instance, on his show, when Bolt uses his heat vision, green laser beams shoot out of his eyes. When he's outside the studio, he tries to melt a padlock.
Mittens: "What are you doing?"
Bolt: "If I stare at the lock long enough, it'll burst into flames and fall apart."
Of course the lack of green laser beams doesn't surprise him; those are added in post-production and he doesn't know about them!
I also like how, in addition to the New York pigeons as seen in the trailer, we also get Los Angeles pigeons and Midwestern pigeons. :}
I also like how Mittens' character develops. Rhino's character doesn't develop, but that's okay because he's comedy relief. Plus he wasn't as annoying as I was afraid he was going to be.
Ooo, and there's roadgeeking in the movie! Roadtrip!
Oh, and I saw it in 3-D. Worth the money.
"Tuck and roll!" "Tuck and WHAT?!?"
"We're one waffle away from Penny!"

Came home and found that my Greek cubes had arrived! I bought all three. This is why I haven't opened the camera box yet. :} Working on the 5x5x5 now.

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