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Went to the dentist today

My rearmost two teeth on the lower left had old worn-out silver fillings that needed replacing. So I went to have 'em drilled out and replaced with temporaries; I'll be going in again on April 23 to get gold fillings put in.

The two things I've always hated most about having drilling done are the smell of burning tooth enamel and the discomfort of trying not to swallow. This time, I experienced a new discomfort! When I was all numbed up and the dentist, Dr. Moser, was ready to start, he had me open wide and put some sort of block in my mouth on the right side to hold my jaw open while he worked. Suddenly, I felt a rather painful cramp in my jaw on the left (numbed) side! Novocaine must have some weird effect on muscles. He rubbed my jaw until the pain stopped.

Then he and his lovely assistant Dana drilled out the fillings. Sure enough, icky smell (icky TASTE, too! Blood? Powdered tooth? Powdered filling? Sure wasn't powdered sugar.) and going a teeny bit nuts trying not to swallow or move my tongue at inopportune moments.

Finally he was done drilling, though, and ready to take impressions to make fillings from. So they had me bite down on a plastic thingy with pink goop on it. Then Dana made a plastic temporary, and tried fitting it in place. This was the hard part! First it stuck up a little high, so I couldn't properly close... then at one point, I bit a little too hard on it and broke it! So she had to make another. I had to go to the bathroom, so she let me at that point. In the bathroom, I saw myself in the mirror. I was wearing a dentist bib, and a pair of totally bitchin' shades (to keep gunk out of my eyes and shield them from that bright light they use). I looked like a lobster-lovin' biker or something!

Back in the chair, I was much calmer after using the bathroom, aahhh. After several more bouts of fitting, grinding and refilling, they finally fit the temporary in and glued it in place. Whew!

In two weeks I get to go back and do it all over again, wheee!

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