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My car got broken into. They stole my big black shoulder bag. The dude was probably cruising, looking for holiday shoppers, and/or thought I had a laptop in there. Joke's on him; no laptop. But let's see, what was in it, that is now most likely gone forever?...

My camera (the most monetarily valuable thing in there, and what really pisses me off is that I hadn't yet copied my photos from MFF off it; not that I took all that many, but I took some cool photos of a worker putting up new signs on a highway service info sign)

My phone (replaceable, but now I'll have to get all those numbers again)

My pencil bag (replaceable, but it was a nice leatherette bag that I really liked)

My sketchbook (that cool one with the transparent green cover; fortunately, there wasn't much in it because I'd recently refilled it, and all the important artwork in it, including the cartoons I drew with Babs, have already been scanned... but I had all my notes for MFF in there. If I want to draw a diary for it, I'll have to reconstruct my notes from memory)

My calculator (I have others)

My checkbooks (the relevant banks have been contacted and informed)

My pill case (plus four days' worth of pills; fortunately I have more here at home)

My jacket and hat (I liked that hat; Mom knitted it)
One of my towels
A pair of reading glasses
An umbrella
My Swiss Army knife (all replaceable)

My desire to see Bolt today (I'll see it sometime after getting the window fixed)

I was about to go to the movies, but first I pulled into a strip mall to go to the bathroom and get a bag from Quizno's. I parked in front of Collina's (an Italian restaurant), went into Quizno's and used the bathroom. I was going to buy some chips and ask for a bag, when I realized I'd left my wallet in the car. I went outside and saw my right rear window smashed in, and a waiter came out of Collina's and told me he'd witnessed the incident, gotten the thief's license plate number and a brief description of the vehicle, and called the cops. I sat there waiting for the cops to arrive (getting cold without my jacket) and called Mom using the waiter's phone. After a while a police car showed up; the waiter talked to the cop, then I talked to him. After giving him a lot of information about the bag and its contents, and getting a case number and phone number from him, I left, and drove to the bank to tell them about the stolen checks. Then I drove home.

Fucking asshole thieves.

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