A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

MFF trip, day (lessee... thu fri sat sun mon...) 7

MFF was fun! I hung out with Babs & friends, and we drew face parts on the bookmark-shaped Spontoon Island flyers that someone had printed up tons of. Whose Lion Is It Anyway, Kage's Story Hour, 2 the Ranting Gryphon, the Furry Variety Show (which was put on Saturday evening at 7:00 instead of Friday late-nite at 1 am, yay!) The puppet show was good, too, and then a bunch of us went over to Buca di Beppo (in lieu of Olive Garden like at the other place).

Not so good things: I was too late to get a room for the whole time, so Qai, Jon and I spent Thursday night in a La Quinta, moved into the Westin on Friday, and back to the La Quinta on Sunday. All that moving luggage was a hassle, and no fun at all in cold windy weather. Next year, I'm gonna be more on the ball! Other not so good things: Jibba, who went on before Kage, is, frankly, not that funny IMO. Another not so good thing: I got caught in a fire alarm without my jacket, and had to stand outside in freezing weather in my T-shirt again! RAAAAGE.

Anyway, today I drove Jon to the airport and Qai back home to Rock Island, and continued on to Des Moines and now here I am in Des Moines, saying "Des Moines" over and over like some deranged Des Moinesaholic.

Tomorrow: Oklahoma City!

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