A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,

MFF trip, day 1

Oh! I've been in a Best Western in Edmond, Oklahoma for about 4 hours now but didn't think to make a post till now.

So I got up at 7:30 am, loaded the car, bought ice and the new WALL-E DVD (came out today!)*, and got on the freeway. Had lunch at a Subway in Centerville, got gas at a Chevron in Fairfield**. Dallas had some construction, and HORRIBLE congestion (on the other side)! I think I better go around the city via 635 on the way back.

The cruise control works great, but with one downside: By removing my natural tendency to speed, it takes me longer to get places. The sun set as I reached Oklahoma City. Despite that, I found my way to the Best Western without trouble. I checked in, went out to dinner at Steak & Shake, and came back here to browse the Inter-Net.

Tomorrow: Des Moines!

*The WALL-E packaging is interesting. It's environmentally friendly, being made entirely of cardboard, no plastic. You pull out the slideout piece, unfold a flap that lists the scene titles and bonus features, and the disc is sitting inside in a disc-sized hole in the cardboard, with another little flap of cardboard holding it in place. And there's nothing holding it at the hole in the center; no infuriating little plastic claws or friction ring that refuse to let you have the disc unless you pull hard on it and bend the damn thing almost in half! Nope, you just lift it right out. BEST DVD PACKAGING EVER!

**Gas back home in Houston is currently $1.89/gallon. In Fairfield, it was $1.99/gallon. Waaaah, expeeensiiiiiive! :}

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