A.R.M. (kinkyturtle) wrote,


There! Laundry put away, coolers washed, almost time for my trip to MFF! I'll be driving there as usual, but this time I'm picking up qaianna on the way.

Tue Nov 18: Drive to Oklahoma City, spend the night in a Best Western
Wed Nov 19: Drive to Des Moines, spend the night in a Courtyard Marriott
Thu Nov 20: Drive to Rock Island, pick up Qai, drive to the Chicago area, check into a La Quinta
Fri Nov 21: Move into the Westin (the con hotel; I waited a bit too long to get a room for the entire con); enjoy MFF
Sat Nov 22: Continue enjoying MFF
Sun Nov 23: Move back into the La Quinta; finish up enjoying MFF
Mon Nov 24: Drive to Rock Island, drop off Qai, drive to Des Moines, back to that Courtyard
Tue Nov 25: Drive to Oklahoma City, back to that Best Western
Wed Nov 26: Drive home

See you there!
Also, I think I'll get back into drawing cartoon diaries.

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